Only the Present Equals the Future

Before I begin, these are more than pretty words, this is the reality of the situation. Indeed, to win we must be so conscious of the present and disregard all negative past psychological factors in a deep way. If the past were a barometer for the cold hard cash of now and the promissory note of the future, then we would either always never make mistakes or always make mistakes. Sure, only the actions of now can equal the future. Logically, the past only has a psychological effect, not an actual effect on the present. How we use our knowledge is most important. For example, when in the now, the most profitable actions come from the same place known as the now when the concentration and consciousness is high. What matters more than positive and good objective overall profit and genuine winning? Nothing. What do I mean by positive and good objective overall profit and genuine winning? Well, I mean happiness, satisfaction and honest winning all around. I did not say “perfect” or “uniform,” please note that. I mean according to each individual and their reality measure is it an ideal of any sort.

“Within the cause is the cure” is an old saying, but, as basic as the premise of this article is, that is the reality of the situation. Look at the cause instead of the effect and you may get somewhere with it. Do not dig deep, dig genuinely deep. The farce is that the effect is everything, and the cause is just the cause. No. Within the cause is the cure.

So, possession is only effect, use creates causes unlike what we are taught usually by self help books. Anyone can have a book or article, but when you read it and apply it, that is when the idea genuinely has power. To my way of thinking, everything is turning right side up in this article. Right down to it, reality is more than foolish waiting for an effect, it is being at cause that is the ideal. At times, I am guilty as everyone else of being affected by the past in a negative psychological way, but the only difference is that I catch myself before becoming an effect rather than a cause of the good that I want or I kill it where it starts as my own cause and effect in the right order ultimately. When it is positive, I can honestly say let it happen, but when it is negative, I say kill it before it grows. That is my point in this article. Only the present equals the future in an objectively logical way. So, sure, I am filling this article with some pretty sounding phrases for those who do not take what I am saying about reality to heart, but, this is indeed more than just pretty phrases and feel good “nothing” words. This is the way it all works. Live in the now and you have your power.