Creative Christmas Presents for Boyfriends

You got the usual tie, boxer shorts, cuff links as Christmas presents for your boyfriend last year but this time you are looking for something really creative to wow him. Most important on the list is your time and attention, now that we have that bit taken care of, lets now look at other creative presents you can give him this Christmas.

Gift Baskets – Yes, you are probably saying this is common stuff that everybody gets for Christmas. No, its not, especially not when you are going to be throwing in stuff that he likes into the basket. Lets look at a boyfriend who loves to watch football games on the couch all day – OK we know they are not all football fans, there is baseball, basketball, horse racing, golf, did I miss out any other sport? Yes, snooker, darts and so much more. Get a memorabilia of their favorite sport or game in the gift baskets,add video game dvds if they love interactive games, there are also really nice sports documentary dvds(which I will get to show you later) you can add to the gift basket as well to make it really special. That alone says, I thought of you specifically when I picked out these items and I am kind of interested in your hobbies(Well, maybe not, that is going a bit too far with being interested)

Now, If your boyfriend is not into sports, say he loves to party out and have a drink with the guys, bring the Christmas party home in his gift basket. The beer lovers can get their favorite brands or exquisite brands, an assortment of ales and snacks placed beautifully into a gift basket. A little indulgence this Christmas will put a smile on his face and give you that well deserved hug for your creative genius.

Chef Boyfriends – For all the boyfriends who like to compete with you in the kitchen and even think they do a better job at cooking than you, get him a Bar-be-que grill tool set to keep him busy with grilling the turkey while you invite your friends over and relax.

Ever heard of a winter kit? Much like a gift basket only this time you and your boyfriend are taking time out to have some fun together. Things to include in his winter kit – some really nice movies, hot chocolate, popcorn to go with the movies, scented candles, don’t forget a cosy blanket if you decide to spend the time outdoors.

Other creative ideas can include a flashlight, or a Swiss knife. A wrist exerciser for those who like to stay in shape, a remote control for those who love their gadgets, a digital camera, spy toys, a radio with clock or even a sports gear.